- Subwoofer for fixed installation

- 300W AES / 8 ohm

- 10 " woofer with horn vent and front chamber

- Frequency response 39Hz to 190Hz with EXT

- Excellent size / power ratio

- Grill finishes on request

- Water and sun resistant

- 2 x M10 attachment points for Extension 

- 35mm Pole

- Vertical or horizontal placement


The M-SUB10i is an ultra compact and lightweight subwoofer.
Equipped with a 10 "TL / compound load mounted,
it allows him to get increased pressure while
easily descending into low frequencies

It has an optional pavilion extension
allowing it to go down naturally to 39Hz.
Installation takes less than 2 minutes

With the water protection on the woofer cone
and the compound conception, the M-SUB10i
can be used without any risk
under rain or sun when it is vertical installed


Data sheet

Frequency response
+/-3dB: 50Hz À 180Hz
F-10dB: 39Hz with EXT
10" water protected cone
300W / 8 Ohm
2mm steel grill
15mm / 11 Ply
PU painting EOS grey
2 X SpeakOn Neutrik
Size (W x H x D)
30,7 X 39,5 X 43,8 Cm
19kg without extension