- 2 x 18 "subwoofer

- 3200W AES / 4 ohm

- Frequency response up to 25Hz without EQ for 1 element

- Detachable skateboard

- Optional horn extension

- KB-2 association for extended response up to 200Hz

- "Stack" assembly for big events (SB-2 / SK-2 / MT-12)

- "Monitor" associated with ST-10


The SB-2 is an infra bass subwoofer. Its unique design allows it
to be associated with a hyperbolic horn extension, to increase its efficiency
in the infra serious and make it able to goes in, deep basses (25Hz)

Associated to the KB-2 in "Stack" mode,
the SB-2 will be ideal for all types of events,
medium or very large.
The "Stack" assembly is configured under
3 possible phases, ranging from one column
from 6.5 kW to 19.5 kW AES for extended response up to 25 Hz


Data sheet

Frequency response
+/-3dB: 32Hz À 105Hz
F-10dB: 28Hz Sans Extension
2 x 18" neodymium
Maximum SPL
142dB @ 100Hz for 1 element "Half Space" (Calculated)
2mm steel grill
18 and 15mm birch plywood
PU painting EOS grey
2 X SpeakOn Neutrik
Size (W x H x D)
115 x 52 x 89