- Short throw Top (medium throw possible)

- 600W / 16 ohm + 70W / 16 ohm

- 10" Neodym with 2.85" compression driver

- Frequency response 60Hz to 19kHz with preset ST-10

- Rotating horn 90 x 60 °

- Excellent weight / power ratio

- Lasercutted 2mm thickness front grill protection (option)

- Monitor assembly with SB-2 or SK-2

- 10" phaseplug for reduced Horizontal coverage (option)

- 30 ° lateral angle for placement on the ground

- 4 x M10 attachment points for hangging (option)

- 35mm pole for stand


The ST-10 is a short-throw speaker, usable on a stand or on the ground,
it will be perfect for medium sized venues coupled to a sub, in frontfill or in
high power DJ monitor, associated with a SK-2 or an SB-2

Equipped with 10" long Xmax and
1.4" compression in 90 x 60 ° horn,
it will be fully compatible with the MT-12 for association in
frontfill downfill or sidefill, in order to be able
to sound out very large events

With its compact size and light weight (19kg) for a total power
670W AES, the ST-10 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio


Data sheet

Frequency response
+/-3dB: 45Hz À 16kHz
F-10dB: 40Hz
1,4" neodymium driver
10" neodymium
HF: 100W AES / 16 Ohm
LF: 600W AES / 16 Ohm
90 x 60° rotative
2mm steel grill
15mm birch plywood
PU painting EOS Grey
2 X SpeakOn Neutrik
Size (W x H x D)
35 X 52 X 30,7 Cm