- Active nomad stereo speaker

- Amplification 2 x 30W + 1 x 140W

- 2 x 6 "Bass + 2 x 4" Full range

- Frequency response 35Hz to 18kHz

- Bluetooth V5.0 AptX / I2S / DAC (optional)

- 24 bit / 96kHz low latency DSP

- 3000mAh or 6000mAh battery (optional)

- Grill finishes on request 

- 2 Aeroquip attachment points for strap kit 

- Vertical or horizontal floor placement

- 35mm pole for stand

- Piece price without option: 1000 euros


The M-6S is a 2.1 active stereo speaker
The stereo part is valid from 230Hz reproduced by the 4 ".
The lower part is reproduced by a double 6 " TL type load

All the cone of the M-6S are water-insensitive material,
this is perfect for mobile use or
fixed in places that can be exposed to the weather

Its compact size and its hanging system
aeroquip type, allows to assemble either a sling for
transport. It can also be put on a tripod thanks to its
35mm pole located under the enclosure

The M-6S can be equipped with a Bluetooth V5.0 Aptx I2S + DAC module,
as well as an integrated battery up to 6000mAh
for autonomy that can exceed 24 hours of use


Data sheet

Frequency response
+/-3dB: 39Hz À 15.5kHz
F-10: 35Hz - 18kHz
2 X 4" Full Range
2 X 6" Bass
Full Range: 2 X 30W
LF: 140W
SPL max mesured during normal use @ 1m
104,5dBA on stand @1m
2mm steel grill
15mm / 11 ply
PU painting EOS Grey
2 x XLR (option)
Jack 3.5mm
Size (W x H x D)
65,4 X 19,6 X 40,4 Cm
18kg without battery