- Subwoofer 2 x 18"

- 3200W AES / 4 ohm

- Frequency response until 28Hz

- Wheel board

- Optional horn extension

- Usable with KB-2 (Infrabass mode)

The SB-2 is a dual high excursion 18" woofers, usable for bass or infrabass subwoofer. It can reproduce very deep and power basses without any EQ

The parabolic horn extension option can bring 1.5dB more and the response is enhanced. The full device SB-2 + EXT can be used until 26Hz (-10dB)

The conception is a 100% horn design, it total size is up to 4 meters, associated to a small rear charge, the result is less retarded bass effect and very low group delay


Data sheet

Frequency response
(+/-3dB): 32.5Hz À 110kHz / (-10dB): 28Hz without extension
2 x 18" tropicalized with extended Xmax
Maximum SPL
142dB @ 100Hz for 1 element "Half Space" (Calculated)
18 and 15mm birch plywood cabinet
Steel protection with powder coating finish
PU paint / RAL color on demand
2 X SpeakOn Neutrik
Size (W x H x D)
115 x 52 x 89